How To - Circle Frame Tutorial

 Welcome to the first SewYO How To - this time about how to create a beautiful circle frame.

This design is all about the soft texture in the centre of the circle. It feels to me like the spirograph of statement jewellery!

This technique works perfectly with a circle frame, but is also quite good fun when done with a rectangle, too - the trick is to count how many holes there are and make sure that all of your stitches are an equal length.


SewYO circle necklace kit. Get ready to weave!


Let's start at the very beginning, because that's a very good place to start! Unbox your kit and choose which colour thread you're going to begin with.

If you're using a pendant frame, take the pendant piece off of the chain. Believe me - you don't want that getting tangled up with the thread!

SewYO - Attach the thread to the frame

Attaching the thread

Before you attach your thread, have a think about whether you'd like to use all 6 strands of thread, or if you'd prefer to use fewer for a more delicate look. I've used all 6 here.

Once you've threaded your needle, pass it through a hole and fasten it with a tight double knot. Try to keep the knot on one side and make this the back of your piece.

Count along 7 holes

Rule of 7

There are 28 holes on a circle frame. To create this effect you need to count along 7 holes each time.

To get started, bring the thread through the centre of the frame, so that you're working from the front, then insert your needle into the 7th hole from the knot.

Circle tips - create your second stitch

Back through the middle

So you've got one line made, right? Next, bring the thread and needle back through the centre of the frame, so you're working from the front again. Insert your needle into the 7th hole from the one you last worked.

This effect is created by going from back to front each time, as it covers the inside of the frame and creates a beautiful soft texture.

Circle tutorial - keep going

Keep going!

Follow the process... 

  • Count along 7
  • Needle from front to back 
  • Through the middle
  • Count along 7
  • ...
Circle tutorial - fill the spaces

And going! Until all the holes are gone....

When you've done one full round, move on to the next hole along - so the one after any previous stitches. Continue this process and eventually you'll reach the end of your circle having filled all the holes.

To fasten your thread, either tie it to an existing piece of thread on the back of your frame, or pass it back through the hole you started with and fasten there.  

Circle frame - endless options

Endless options

Why not switch it up and start a second, third or even fourth colour.

When you're finished you can add tassels or addition stitches to the outside of the frame. Perhaps you have some beads or buttons lurking in your sewing box, crying out to be added to some new jewellery!